English grammar

Module 11, Punctuation: End Points and Comma, Lesson 13:

Comma - Adjective Clauses

English grammar
Adjective clauses usually follow the noun or pronoun they modify. Common words beginning adjective clauses are "which," "that," "who," "whom," and "whose." Mark off with commas adjective clauses that are just added information and are not necessary to the full meaning of the sentence: "The surfer, who is our neighbor, surfs everyday." Do not mark off adjective clauses that are necessary for the full meaning of the sentence: "The writer who uses adjective clauses has a decision to make."

Practice What You've Learned

English grammar
Each sentence below contains an adjective clause. Insert commas by clicking between the words where you desire commas to be. If the sentence is correct as shown, click to select "correct as is" at the end of the sentence.
The, comma, which, is, a, common, form, of, punctuation, separates, words, phrases, and, clauses. (correct as is)
The, writer, whose, decision, it, is, to, mark, off, an, adjective, clause, has, carefully, considered, the, use, of, the, clause. (correct as is)
The, clause, which, is, usually, the, largest, part, of, a, sentence, has, a, simple, subject, and, a, simple, predicate. (correct as is)
Adjective, clauses, which, are, my, favorite, clauses, are, begun, by, the, common, pronouns, "who, whom, whose, which, and, that." (correct as is)
The, writer, who, uses, adjective, clauses, has, a, decision, to, make. (correct as is)
The, adjective, clause, that, is, just, added, information, is, marked, off, by, commas. (correct as is)
However, the, adjective, clause, that, is, essential, to, the, full, meaning, of, the, sentence, is, not, marked, off, by, commas. (correct as is)
This, sentence, illustrates, the, point: "The, astronaut, who, was, the, first, man, on, the, moon, will, attend. " (correct as is)
The, adjective, clause, that, is, shown, in, sentence, #8, above, is, essential, to, the, full, meaning, of, the, sentence. (correct as is)
Our, team, captain, who, is, my, best, friend, will, be, pitching. (correct as is)
The, school, that, is, on, Main, Street, was, damaged, in, the, January, earthquake. (correct as is)
Ms, Jones, who, is, my, English, teacher, is, being, nominated, for, teacher, of, the, year. (correct as is)
The, chairperson, whom, we, just, elected, last, meeting, has, resigned, the, position. (correct as is)
The, President, of, the, United, States, who, I, just, met, last, month, will, visit, Montana. (correct as is)
That, special, rock, group, that, plays, classical, rock, will, play, at, the, benefit, concert, tonight. (correct as is)
The, high, tide, today, which, is, my, favorite, time, at, the, beach, also, brought, high, surf. (correct as is)
Seagulls, that, were, above, the, beach, flew, near, the, surf. (correct as is)
The, sun, which, I, had, missed, so, much, came, up, and, warmed, the, beach. (correct as is)
The, surf, champion, who, is, from, our, hometown, will, be, here, today. (correct as is)
Surfboards, that, are, made, of, fiberglass, and, foam, are, the, best, boards. (correct as is)