English grammar

Module 11, Punctuation: End Points and Comma, Lesson 16:

Comma - Items in a Series

English grammar
Words, phrases, and clauses arranged in a series are separated by commas. For clarity, mark off the last item joined by a conjunction: "Jill, John, and Bill will attend the conference." If main clauses are arranged in a series (more than two) for dramatic intensity, they may be separated by either a comma or semicolon: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, ..." Items in a series joined by conjunctions are not marked off by commas: "Jill and John and Bill will attend the conference."

Practice What You've Learned

English grammar
Each sentence below contains a series. Either insert one or more commas by clicking the space between words where you desire a comma to be, or if the sentence is correctly punctuated, click to select "correct as is" at the end of the sentence.
On, the, trip, be, sure, to, take, your, backpack, hiking, shoes, air, mattress, and, your, sleeping, bag. (correct as is)
You, were, specifically, directed, to, bring, your, backpack, and, your, hiking, shoes, and, your, air, mattress. (correct as is)
The, ingredients, called, for, three, potatoes, five, tomatoes, one, onion, and, spice. (correct as is)
Have, you, read, Tom, Sawyer, Huckleberry, Finn, and, Two, Years, Before, the, Mast? (correct as is)
The, desk, drawer, contained, pencils, erasers, paper, clips, and, pens. (correct as is)
His, favorite, classic, cars, are, Fords, Buicks, and, Chevrolets. (correct as is)
Arise, early, each, morning, exercise, your, mind, and, body, and, live, your, life, to, the, fullest. (correct as is)
His, jobs, included, being, a, hod, carrier, postal, worker, army, officer, teacher, and, writer. (correct as is)
Her, favorite, activities, were, to, solve, crossword, puzzles, read, crochet, and, play, board, games. (correct as is)
The, playground, had, swings, a, slide, a, jungle, gym, and, a, rope, walk. (correct as is)
The, dog, had, the, following, repertoire, of, tricks: sitting, heeling, rolling, over, playing, dead, and, speaking. (correct as is)
The, job, requires, experience, a, college, degree, and, the, ability, to, travel. (correct as is)
These, things, seem, to, go, together: salt, and, pepper, cream, and, sugar, and, bacon, and, eggs. (correct as is)
The, dance, square, consisted, of, the, following, couples: Jack, and, Jill, Bill, and, Barbara, Marvin, and, Wanda, and, Jimmy, and, Sue. (correct as is)
Our, basketball, team, consists, of, Randy, Sean, Joe, Mitch, and, Bret. (correct as is)
Shirley, and, Joan, and, Beverly, will, represent, the, school. (correct as is)
Our, trip, will, take, us, to, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and, Oregon. (correct as is)
I, would, like, a, burger, French, fries, and, a, Pepsi. (correct as is)
She, plans, to, finish, high, school, go, to, college, and, attend, graduate, school. (correct as is)
He, considered, fried, chicken, mashed, potatoes, and, creamed, gravy, to, be, good, home, cooking. (correct as is)