English grammar

Module 13, Punctuation: Miscellaneous, Lesson 4:

Semicolon - Separating Items in a Series

English grammar
Use a semicolon to separate items in a series if some of the items already contain commas and more commas would create confusion: "Attending the meeting were President Sally Jones; Secretary Wilma Mays; and our most outstanding student, Jane Smith." When the individual items in a series are long or possibly a sentence themselves, they are usually separated by semicolons: "Among the committee's recommendations were: increase the school day by sixty minutes for all junior high school and high school students; do away with all school holidays other than national holidays for all grades to include kindergarten classes; require teachers to spend every other weekend at school if all their students do not have passing grades."

Practice What You've Learned

English grammar
Each sentence below contains a series of items (some containing commas) that can be correctly separated by a semicolon. Insert a semicolon in each sentence by clicking between the words where you desire a semicolon to be.
Officers; elected; for; this; coming; year; are:; president,; Ann; Meyers; vice-president,; Maria; Garcia; secretary,; Tasha; Bartlet; and; treasurer,; Lisa; Gibbons.
Take; the; following; three; items; on; the; trip:; a; backpack; sturdy; hiking; shoes; and; shaving; gear; to; include; a; razor,; tooth; brush,; and; toothpaste.
Opening; her; travel; bag,; she; inserted; her; pack; her; hiking; shoes; and; her; cosmetic; bag; containing; a; tooth; brush,; toothpaste,; and; perfume.
There; is; a; big; difference; between; them:; he; is; cross; and; irritable; she; is; easy; to; get; along; with.
The; committee; included; Garcia,; the; treasurer; Ibarra,; the; supervisor; and; Jimenez,; the; production; specialist.
The; sale; representatives; territory; included; Cheyenne,; Wyoming; Denver,; Colorado; and; Taos,; New; Mexico.
The; birth; dates; of; those; present; were:; January; 23,; 1936; May; 30,; 1990; July; 14,; 1995; and; March; 10,; 1970.
Destinations; on; our; trip; include; Tucson,; Arizona; Salt; Lake; City,; Utah; Carson,; Nevada; and; Santa; Fe,; New; Mexico.
The; semicolon; is; considered; a; super; comma; however,; the; semicolon; is; also; thought; of; as; a; weak; period.
Among; other; cities,; English; Grammar; 101; is; studied; in; London,; England; Paris,; France; Mexico; City,; Mexico; and; Laguna; Hills,; California.