Module 12, Punctuation: End Marks and Commas, Lesson 6:

Commas in Complex Sentences


If a complex sentence begins with a dependent adverb clause, a comma is used to separate the two clauses.

Since we are already late, we don't have time to stop.
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If a complex sentence begins with an independent clause, no comma is used between the clauses.

We don't have time to stop since we are already late.
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You might also want to review Module 8, Lesson 5: Subordinating Conjunctions.

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A comma may have been omitted from each of the following sentences. If necessary, insert a comma by clicking the space after the appropriate word. If the sentence is punctuated correctly, click "correct as is" at the end of the sentence.
As, she, stepped, off, the, plane, the, crowd, cheered.
(correct as is)
As, if, I, didn't, have, enough, problems, my, car, broke, down.
(correct as is)
I, arranged, for, a, ride, the, next, day, so, that, I, would, not, miss, work.
(correct as is)
Until, the, cows, come, home, I, am, taking, it, easy.
(correct as is)
Whenever, we, get, our, hopes, up, we, find, more, disappointment.
(correct as is)
I, walked, since, there, was, no, bus.
(correct as is)
Where, the, red, fern, grows, I, will, build, my, house.
(correct as is)
If, I, pass, the, test, I, will, graduate.
(correct as is)
We, seem, to, get, lost, wherever, we, go.
(correct as is)
While, the, sun, shines, make, hay.
(correct as is)