English grammar

Module 13, Punctuation: Miscellaneous, Lesson 1:

Dash - Joining Independent Statements

English grammar
The dash may also be used to set off a statement ending a sentence or combining two independent clauses. The dash signals a sharp turn in thought from the sentence: "The dash is a versatile mark of punctuation – overuse reduces its effectiveness."

Practice What You've Learned

English grammar
Each sentence below contains an expression that may be correctly marked off by a dash. Insert a dash in each sentence by clicking the space between the words where you desire a dash to be.
The American Civil War was the first modern war the side with the most men, money, and industrial might won the war.
This is not to say that the war was easy for the North the southern soldiers were excellent fighters.
The southern states seceded from the Union and formed a new country the Confederate States of America.
The Civil War started in the Charleston harbor the South fired on Fort Sumpter.
The President of the United States was Abraham Lincoln the President of the Confederate States of America was Jefferson Davis.
The legendary General Robert E. Lee commanded the Confederate forces General Ulysses S. Grant was the final Union commander.
The southern soldiers were called "Johnny Reb" the Northern soldiers were called "Billy Yank."
The Civil War was fought with many new weapons of war mortars, cartridge loaded rifles, and observation balloons.
The Civil War started and lasted for four long years the nation looked on in horror.
The casualties of the Civil War for both the North and the South were over 646 thousand a terrible price for the nation to solve this regional conflict.