Module 4, Verbs: Agreement and Challenges, Lesson 5:

Agreement: Titles of Creative Works


Sometimes a publication or movie, or a work of literature, art, or music has a plural noun or pronoun in the title. This makes it seem like you should use a plural verb, but if you're talking about only one work, use a singular verb.

The New York Times has been around since 1851.
The Hunger Games is my favorite book.

The song Jingle Bells was written in 1850.

Irises is a famous painting by Vincent van Gogh.

Don't let words like games and bells confuse you. Each of the sentences above talks about only one publication, book, song, or painting, so use a singular verb.

Practice What You've Learned

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Choose the correct verb to complete the sentence.
"The War of the Worlds," by H. G. Wells, was/were performed on the radio and scared many people who thought aliens were really invading.
Little Women is/are one of my favorite books.
The Three Musketeers is/are an exciting adventure book.
The Screwtape Letters was/were written by the same author as The Chronicles of Narnia.
Water Lilies is/are a famous series of paintings by Claude Monet.
The Los Angeles Times was/were first printed in 1881.
The song "Silly Love Songs" was/were released in 1976.
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was/were written by Mark Twain.
People was/were first published in 1974.
"Clocks" is/are a famous song by Coldplay that was released in 2002.