Module 11, Capitalization, Lesson 5:

Names of Things


When people build things and give them names, capitalize the names. Capitalize the names of buildings, monuments, bridges, and other landmarks.

Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Canyon

For the same reason, capitalize the names of cars, trains, airplanes, ships, and spacecraft.

Model T, Orient Express, Concorde, USS Enterprise, Atlantis

When people start a company and give it a name, they then put the name on their products. Capitalize the brand names of products, but not the word that tells what the product is unless it is part of the product's name.

Kleenex tissue, Nike sneakers, Ford cars (Ford Mustang), Sony television

Practice What You've Learned

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Click on the words that should be capitalized.
When We Went To London, We Saw Big Ben, The Clock Tower.
We Took The Orient Express, A Luxurious Train, From Paris To Venice.
Please Buy Kraft Cheese, Not A Generic Brand.
My Dog Loves To Chew On Yoplait Yogurt Cups When My Mom Has Finished With Them.
The Queen Mary 2 Is A Transatlantic Ocean Liner, But The Queen Elizabeth 2 Is Now A Floating Hotel.
Next Time You Visit The Southwest, You Should Visit The Puye Cliff Dwellings In New Mexico.
If You Visit San Juan National Forest In Colorado, Don't Miss Chimney Rock, Which Includes Ancient Ruins.
Craters Of The Moon In Idaho Has The World's Deepest Rift Cracks.
Did You Know That Astronauts On The Space Shuttle Enterprise Were Able To See The Great Wall Of China?
I Have Found That Crayola Markers Last Longer Than Rose Markers.