Module 4, Verbs: Agreement and Challenges, Lesson 12:

Challenging Verbs: Sit/Set


Sit: to sit (yourself) down.

I sit down on my bed when I am tired.

Set: to set something else down.

I set down my backpack in the hallway when I get home.
Present Present
Past Past Participle
Sit (self) sit sitting sat sat
Set (object) set setting set set

Notice that the transitive verb (the one you do to an object) is more regular than the intransitive verb (the one you do to yourself). Set adds -ing to the present progressive, but the present, past, and past progressive are the same. Sit adds -ing, but changes to sat in the past and past progressive.

I sit down on my bed when I am tired.
I am sitting down on my bed right now.
I sat down on my bed yesterday.
In the past I have sat down on my bed.

I set my backpack down in the hall.
I am setting my backpack down.
Yesterday I set my backpack down.
In the past I have set my back pack down.

Practice What You've Learned

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Choose the correct verb to complete the sentence.
Mom had just set/sat the phone down to call you when you walked in.
The king set/sat on his throne.
The mother dog carefully carried her puppies to her new bed and set/sat them down on the blanket.
I thought my English teacher had set/sat too high a standard until I reached it.
Where did you set/sit my phone after you used it?
We are setting/sitting all those books on the table until the book sale.
You need to set/sit still if you want me to cut your hair straight.
The spelling bee contestants set/sat in the chairs on the stage.
I think your dog has been setting/sitting in that same spot since you left this morning.
David has been setting/sitting here waiting for you to get ready for at least a half an hour.